Sunday, June 12, 2011

what i've said one yr ago, it still valid.
times passed, but every words i said has never change.

i been trying to understand what the reason that caused us to be far apart recenetly
but i just couldnt find the reason.
..communication break-down.
..different view of thinking
is what we having now.

i tried to save it but it don seem to work.
we are just getting more n more far apart.
you have slowly drift apart from me.
you gave up the chance to communicate further.
and im in a mess right now.

letting go?
i tried..but it failed.
no matter hw hard i don seem to work.
and it make me fall even harder.

sometimes, i do wish that we don make the decision.
if that decision wasnt made, all these wouldnt happened.
we will be like before.
the laughter, the talk and everything will still be here.
but now..i've lost away all our used to be.

what can i do to have it back again?

i miss all our used to be.

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